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Heating Efficiency

Cotswold Green Energy provides services to upgrade your current heating system, making changes to drastically increase its efficiency. The main change we implement, and one that makes the most difference, is to convert your system to a “Priority Domestic Hot Water” (PDHW) layout. This means that at all times, the boiler’s main focus is to ensure that your hot water cylinder is up to temperature.


Why is this beneficial?


The vast majority of boilers in the UK are dramatically over sized and, despite being condensing boilers, are frequently installed in a manner which prohibits them from operating in condensing mode. Using a PDHW setup allows the system to be run at two separate temperatures, meaning the hot water cylinder can be reheated quickly with the boiler delivering a high flow temperature and all of the boiler’s available power. Once the cylinder has been reheated, the boiler’s output can be reduced to run the heating in condensing mode, increasing its efficiency.


What are the requirements?


Your boiler will need to have a range rating capability, to allow us to reduce the kW output. For even more efficiency, a boiler with Weather Compensation is preferable, to allow the boiler to adjust its output based on external temperatures. Depending on the type of system you have, we will need to make alterations to the pipework to upgrade it to a PDHW system, to provide a method for the boiler to heat the cylinder and run the central heating independently of each other.

MCS Certified

We are MCS certified for all of our Heat Pump installs


All of our heating engineering is completed by our team of in-house engineers


We have over 12 years of experience in delivering exceptional renewable heating systems

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