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Plumbing and Heating

Cotswold Green Energy provides complete Plumbing and Heating Services. Alongside a renewable heating installation, we can deliver first and second fix bathroom work to complement your new system.

Water Supply:

To improve your experience we can also supply incoming mains and cold water pressurisation boost systems, to allow the installation of an unvented hot water cylinder and high flow showers and appliances. 

Water Distribution:

We can install a full distribution system to the outlets in your home, from the hot water cylinder and cold water supply. Using Multi Layer Composite Pipe (MLCP) provides durable, long lasting pipework that can be joint free for hard to access areas such as under the floor for peace of mind. This can be connected to traditional copper pipework which we like to use wherever possible.


If you haven't decided on your sanitary appliances yet, or have a bathroom fitter in mind, we can fit all of the first fix requirements for your bathroom, alongside a renewable heating system install, ready for the appliances to be added later.

We can also provide the second fix work, installing all of your sanitary appliances. 

Cotswold Green Energy also provides a range of different heating types to suit your home and project.

Under Floor Heating:

For new builds or complete renovation projects, we can fit screeded under floor heating, where the pipework is laid on top of a layer of insulation in the floor, before a surface covering of screed is applied. This provides a large amount of thermal mass, meaning your floor will stay warmer for longer even after it is no longer being actively heated.

For lighter renovations, we also supply and fit overlay underfloor heating. In this system, wooden boards with channels routed into them for pipework are laid onto your existing floor, beneath its finished surface.

Coupled with an Air Source Heat Pump, underfloor heating is an extremely cost effective way of heating your home, as it allows the heat pump to operate at a low flow temperature maximising its efficiency.


For upper floors, we recommend using radiators as heat emitters. Experiences has taught us that by far and away the most effective kind of radiators are the ordinary white panel type, they allow excellent flow whilst providing a clean, minimal aesthetic. We supply and advocate the use of IMI radiator valves, as these are extremely high quality and allow for superb flow rates.

MCS Certified

We are MCS certified for all of our Heat Pump installs


All of our heating engineering is completed by our team of in-house engineers


We have over 12 years of experience in delivering exceptional renewable heating systems

Talk to us about your project 

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